Music Business Intensive Spring workshop series.

The Music Business Intensive series is a 7-week program designed to educate musicians on the essential topics that form the foundation of the modern music industry, in order to empower artists to control their own work and make smart decisions to grow their careers. Building from an introductory “basics” class that covers the essentials of what a copyright is, what rights are included, and how revenue can be generated from copyrights, the advanced series will dive deeper into the complex world of record labels, publishing companies, and online streaming. The series will also include information on the legal and business issues that artists will face while navigating the changing music industry as an independent entity. Organized by Ella Project volunteers and local entertainment attorneys Max Hass and Bri Whetstone and supported with funding from the Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans, The Intensive features presentations from industry professionals, small discussion, and networking opportunities with others involved in the music industry.

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All workshops are on Tuesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, and are held on the Second floor of Gulf Coast Bank, 3200 Magazine St in New Orleans.


Tuesday, March 12th Copyright & Contract Basics What is a copyright, what rights are included, how artists can use contracts to protect important copyright rights. FREE, but please RSVP to

Tuesday, March 19 Publishing Musical compositions and “publishing” rights & revenue streams; working with publishing companies. $20 or part of season pass. To register, please click here. 

Tuesday, March 26th Masters Sound recordings and “master” rights & revenue streams; working with record labels. $20 or part of season pass. To register, please click here. 

Tuesday, April 2nd Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and Online Streaming
What do ASCAP and BMI do for artists? We also break down all of the different types of royalties related to online streaming. $20 or part of season pass. To register, please click here. 

Tuesday, April 9th Putting it all together with Contracts: The Paperwork Side of records.  We walk through all of the contracts and other paperwork essential for an independent recording project. $20 or part of season pass. To register, please click here. 

Tuesday, April 16th. Running Your Band / Music Project Like a Business LLCs and band agreements, trademarks, marketing, and discussing managers and booking agents. $20 or part of season pass. To register, please click here. 

Tuesday, April 23rd. Releasing, Pitching, and Monetizing Your Music Planning and timing the release, pitching to labels and publishers, finding ways to monetize independently (licensing, fundraising, etc.) $20 or part of season pass. To register, please click here. 

This workshop is supported with funding from the Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans. Special thanks to Gulf  Coast Bank to hosting! 


Licensing Music to Film & TV Workshop January 23rd

Sync Up Workshop:
Step One: Make Sure Your Copyrights are Registered
Wednesday, Jan. 23
5:30 p.m. at the Jazz & Heritage Center

Free, but Advance registration required.

The Ella Project is excited to  participate in this upcoming workshop,  a collaboration between the New Orleans Business Alliance and the Jazz & Heritage Foundation – which we see as the first step in a multi-phase effort to help more local artists get their music into film and TV productions.

The workshop features an interview with bounce rap star Big Freedia and her manager, Reid Martin of Midcitizen Entertainment, focusing on making a profitable business from a career as a musician – including licensing music to film and TV productions.

There also will be a panel discussion that explains the proper steps for registering copyrights for music, along with an overview of how best to approach film and TV productions for licensing music to them. Panelists include Robin Burgess, manager of Terence Blanchard and Quiana Lynell; film composer Jay Weigel; entertainment attorney Tim Kappel; and Victoria Adams Phipps of the New Orleans Business Alliance.

Those who attend can sign up for free assistance sessions with The Ella Project. In these sessions, attorneys will help musicians and songwriters not only organize their catalogs, but also take the necessary steps to register their copyrights.

In addition, the first 50 artists who register for the Jan. 23 workshop and attend complete an ELLA Project assistance session will earn a grant from the New Orleans Business Alliance to substantially offset the fees for registering copyrights.

Ashlye Keaton teaches Copyright & Trademark workshop as part of NOCCA Institute Summer Studio

The Ella Project will be part of The NOCCA Institute’s Summer Studio, teaching a Copyright & Trademark workshop on June 9th. Join Ella Project Co-Founder Ashlye Keaton as she discusses:

  • What copyright does for you
  • How to register your copyrights
  • What is (and isn’t) copyrightable
  • Do you need a trademark?
  • What’s the difference between copyright and trademark?

This is a multi-disciplinary workshop, covering musicians, visual artists, performing artists, filmmakers, writers, and all other creatives.


Sat, June 9, 2018

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

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New Orleans Center for Creative Arts

2800 Chartres Street

New Orleans, LA 70117

To register, please click here.