New Copyright and Trademarking Rules for Artists with Ashlye Keaton

Time: Saturday, June 15 from 9:30am-12pm

Instructor: Ashlye Keaton

Location: NOCCA, 2800 Chartres Street


Recent rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court mean that artists need to be more proactive about registering their work–otherwise, their ability to enforce their rights may be compromised. Join Ella Project Co-Founder and Supervising Attorney Ashlye Keaton as she discusses the basic tenets of copyright and trademark law, along with the updated changes to the rules and how these changes affect best practices. In this highly informative class, you’ll learn:

  • What copyright does for you
  • How to register your copyrights
  • What is (and isn’t) copyrightable
  • Do you need a trademark?
  • What’s the difference between copyright and trademark?

This is a multi-disciplinary workshop, covering musicians, visual artists, performing artists, filmmakers, writers, and all other creatives.


No previous experience is required. Enrollment is limited to adults age 18 and older.


Ashlye M. Keaton, Esq. practices entertainment and intellectual property law and is an advocate for the arts. Ashlye is an adjunct professor at Tulane Law School and also an adjunct professor at the University of New Orleans Graduate School in Arts Administration. She is Co-Founder and Supervising Attorney for the ELLA Project.


A minimum number of students must enroll in this class for it to “make”. If fewer students enroll than are necessary, the class will be cancelled and full refunds will be issued. If we have to cancel the class, we’ll make every effort to notify students at least one week before the first class meeting.

For more information, and to register, please click here.