Crescendo 2021

Crescendo: a weekly series of music business workshops from The Ella Project, The New Orleans Jazz Museum and Offbeat Media. Featuring lead presenters Lou Hill & Bri Whetstone.

A weekly series of workshops focusing on your music business career, Crescendo is designed for both new artists and veteran independent musicians looking for an update on changes and new developments in the music business.

All sessions Tuesday, 5:30 at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. Proof of COVID Vaccine/72 hour negative test required. 

Artists can pick and choose the sessions they want to attend, or buy a season pass for all 7 sessions. Current Ella Project member? Use the coupon code MEMBER when you check out.

Tuesday October 19: Working with Labels, Master Recordings and Record Deals. Get Tickets!

  • What masters are – sound recording copyright and what is covered by this
  • What rights are included in sound recording copyright
  • Common revenue streams from masters
  • Record Labels & what they do
  • Basic Terms of Record Deals
  • How to use someone else’s master rights (for a film/TV synch, or for sampling)

Tuesday October 26: Streaming Royalties and Performing Rights Organizations. Get Tickets!

  • Royalties Derived from the Public Performance Right (“Performance Royalties”)
  • Publishing – full public performance right (conventional formats + internet streaming)
  • PROs: what they are, who they are, how to sign up and register works,
  • Royalties Derived from the Reproduction & Distribution Rights)
  • Sales of physical copies and digital downloads
  • Music Modernization Act

Tuesday November 2: Music Contracts, Band Agreements, and Trademarks. Guest speaker: Anne Wolfe, CPA. Get Tickets!

  • Contracts: band agreement, session musicians work for hire, venue agreements
  • Pre-Release paperwork
  • Common band/artist business models
  • Trademarks and controlling your image
  • Management: when’s the “right time” to get a manager
  • Taxes and record keeping

Tuesday November 9: Running your Band Like a Business. Guest presenters Greg Schatz, Andrew Woodruff of French Quarter Festivals Inc. Get Tickets!

  • Marketing/branding & live performance:
  • Booking tours
  • Merchandise
  • Working with Festivals

Tuesday, November 16: Releasing, Pitching, and Monetizing Your Music. Guest Speaker: Reid Martin of MidCitizen Entertainment. Get Tickets!

  • Releasing Your Music as an Independent Artist
  • Pitching Your Music to Record Labels & Publishers:
  • Monetizing Your Music, After It’s Released,