Copyright & Contracts for Filmmakers on September 18th

September 18th at LaunchPad

Please join New Orleans-based entertainment attorneys Max Hass and Bri Whetstone and The Ella Project for a FREE workshop on copyright and contract topics relevant to filmmakers that will cover a range of legal and business topics for artists developing their careers. This workshop will be an introduction to copyright issues, including an explanation of what copyrights are, information on registering copyrights, issues related to collaborations and commissions, an overview of work for hire agreements and other contracts commonly encountered by filmmakers and producers, and more!


WHEN: Wednesday, September 18 – 6:00 PM
WHERE: Launch Pad New Orleans, 400 Poydras St, Suite 900 (corner of Magazine St)
WHO: Class taught by Max Hass and Bri Whetstone (New Orleans-based attorneys focusing in entertainment, arts and intellectual property law).

Copyright is part of a set of property rights that underpin every film, and nearly every component of each film, and enable artists to monetize their creativity and earn a living from doing what they love. The trouble is, it comes from a complex area of the law that relatively few people understand. As a result, many creators don’t get the full benefit of what the law provides for them. In this workshop, Max Hass and Bri Whetstone will walk through the basics of copyright law, focusing on the specific needs of visual artists. Participants will learn about the rights they have in their work, and how to use those rights to maintain creative and financial control over their projects.

Supported by Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans with the assistance of The Ella Project. Many thanks to our hosts, Launch Pad, for providing their beautiful space for this event!

NOTE: This workshop is an overview of certain areas of law concerning copyright and contract, and is intended for educational purposes only. The workshop will not provide legal advice. If you have a specific legal problem, you should consult an attorney. The workshop instructors may be able to put you in touch with attorneys if needed.